Israel, Islam and Armageddon
Israel, Islam and Armageddon

The following You Tube video will play a documentary from a DVD by Dave Hunt titled Israel, Islam and Armageddon. You can click that link to read about it. This DVD contains bonus material which is not included in the following You Tube video....

A New Day of Infamy, by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon (Radio Show)

Judgment Day Approaching, by Dave Hunt

Judgment Day Radio Series

Islam and the Nations, by Dave Hunt (You Tube Video)

Judgment, by Dave Hunt (You Tube Video)

Dave Hunt Discusses Islam With Chuck Crismier On 'Viewpoint' (Radio show)

Islamization of Europe (Interview With David James - MP3)

Palestinians Attempt to Co-Opt Jewish History

False Claims by “Palestinians”

Palestinians Again Admit Their Goal is to Destroy Israel [Excerpts]

Palestinian Students Make Outrageous Short Film Glorifying Stabbing and Shooting Jews

‘Palestinian’ School-Lessons: Muslim Children ‘Shown How To Stab A Jew’

Palestinian Terror Wave: Brutal Attacks Escalate

Criminal Case Against Muslim Who Tried to Kill Jews Suspended

Report: UN Officials Incite Murder of Jews, Call to “Stab Zionist Dogs”

The Dark Side of The UN, by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon (Radio Show on You Tube)

United States to UN Human Rights Council: End chronic anti-Israel bias to have any credibility

Nikki Haley: The UN has done much more to damage the prospects for Middle East peace than to advance them

The Palestinian Authority Murder Incentive Fund

News Alert About Hamas [Excerpts]


Israel, Hamas and the American propaganda machine (Radio interview With Gary Kah)

Hamas: Ceasefire Allows Us to Prepare for Future Battle to Destroy Israel

Hamas Begs Iran for Help to Destroy Israel

World Vision's Gaza Manager Funneled Millions to Hamas: Israel

Christian Charity "Stands By" Its Terror-Funding Official

Netanyahu: World is silent in face of rocket attacks on Israel

Terror Against Israel, by Tony Pearce

Khamenei: The Only Cure for Israel is its Annihilation

Iran's Khamenei: 'Increasing global hatred of Israel is a sign of divine help'

Top Khamenei Advisor: We Have Divine Permission to Destroy Israel

Iran’s Khamenei hails his people for demanding death to America and Israel

Iran publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel

Khamenei's New Book Preaches Hatred And Annihilation of America

A warning to America and Israel from an ex Muslim (You Tube Video)

Child bride warns the West "When Islam comes, it conquers and it has no mercy"

Israel must be annihilated, top Iranian official declares

Iran on Israel: ‘We Are Going to Destroy Them’

Iranian Backed Palestinian Terrorists Celebrate Jerusalem Bus Bombing

The Great Deception March on Gaza's Border

The Vilification of Israel (You Tube Video)

Whose Land Is It? (You Tube Video)

Israel's Right to the Land (Playlist on You Tube)

Saudi Crown Prince: Jews Have a Right to Their Own Land


Jerusalem - The Capital of Israel, by Roger Oakland

Twenty Palestinians Arrested in Connection with Attack on Israeli Children

Pro-Palestinian ‘Protesters’ Firebomb Synagogue in Gothenburg, Sweden Following Trump’s Announcement on Jerusalem

Pakistani Muslim Joins Zionist Movement

Islam’s Takeover of Jerusalem Has Global Implications

Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment's Binding Ties With Terrorists

Riba u-turn over Israel boycott: 'We got it wrong'

Black Lives Matter Takes Anti-Israel Stance

The nice ISIS Jihadist next door

Hezbollah leader: Obama did, indeed, found ISIS

Pro-ISIS and Devout Muslims Rush to Celebrate NYC Bombing: "We Casue Your Pain Inside Your House" - A Weekend of Coincidences

UK: Muslims screaming “this is for Allah” murder 7 at FIVE locations in London

Islam And The Gospel, by Dave Hunt

Islam's Peace, by Dave Hunt

The Truth About Jihad (Radio Interview With William J. Murray and Usama Dakdok)

Islam: A deadly fundamentalism (Radio Interview With Elijah Abraham)

“It Could Never Happen Here…” (Radio Interview With Elijah Abraham)

Living for Christ in the Muslim World (Radio Interview With Elijah Abraham)

Ministry to Muslims With Elijah Abraham, Part 1 (Radio Interview)

Ministry to Muslims With Elijah Abraham, Part 2 (Radio Interview)

Obama is importing Muslims, deporting Christians

Left Wing "Diversity" vs. Muslims and Their "Customs"

Warning: So-Called Conservative Christians Defending Spiritual Enterprise with Jihadi Imam (Video)

James White, Islam and Interfaith Dialogue (Playlist on You Tube)

Robert Spencer Wins Debate on Islam (Radio interview) - Click here for the debate.

James White’s Islamic “Mentor” Yasir Qadhi Works With Muslim, Linda Sarsour, Who Just Called For Jihad Against President Donald Trump

One Way Islamic Bridge of Interfaith Dialogue (Video)

Linda Sarsour’s jihad against Trump: here’s why she really is inciting violence

Memphis imam Yasir Qadhi raises money for Islamic charity linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

Counter-Terrorism: How The UN Finances Islamic Terrorism

Confirmed: Islam, Not ‘Grievances,’ Fuels Muslim Hate for the West

Video: Robert Spencer on Facebook’s censorship of criticism of Islam

Muslim in Sweden appealed for donations for ISIS for two years on Facebook, his account was not deleted

Google refuses to remove Sharia woman-tracking app

Now It's Official: Europeans Can't Criticize Islam

Muslims Inadvertently Call For Ban on Islam

Exposing The Muslim Brotherhood in America & Their Murderous Partnership With Nazi Adolf Hitler (Video)

Former FBI Agent Explains How Jihadis Have Infiltrated Congress, Law Enforcement, & Protestant Groups (Video)

Our New Muslim Representatives

Jihad Watch

Hamas On Campus

Anti-Israel Hate on American Campuses

Campus Campaign Threatens, Smears pro-Israel Students

SJP Hate Group Fights for Right to Harass Jews at UCLA

Anti-Semitism Scandal Hits McMaster University

"Anti-Racism" Rally in Berlin Calls for Destruction of Israel

Former DHS Official Exposes Antisemitism of Linda Sarsour & Ilhan Omar (Video)

A Cup of Trembling, by Dave Hunt - Click here for the book

Israel and Prophetic Proof - Part 1, by Dave Hunt

Israel and Prophetic Proof - Part 2, by Dave Hunt

The New Inquisition, by Dave Hunt

Palestine? By Dave Hunt

Who Drove The Arabs Out Of Israel? By Dave Hunt

PLO Topedoing Peace Vote to Not Recognize Israel

False Peace, Then Destruction, by Dave Hunt

A Rising Tide of Jew Hatred Today, by Dave Hunt

Fascist Jew-Haters, Left and Right

Mainstreaming Jew Hatred In America

Biden To Jewish Americans: Israel's Your Only Home [Excerpts]

The Jews Must Return to Their Land

The Ongoing Fulfillment of God’s Promise to Israel! By Jeff Wallace

The American Inquisition

Antisemitism on rise across Europe 'in worst times since the Nazis'

European Anti-Semitism 'Has Reached Critical Mass,' Expert Warns

UK needs to take urgent action over anti-Semitism, lawmakers say

Anti-Semitic Hate Crime Reports Have Soared In UK, Police Figures Reveal

Violent Anti-Semitic Crimes in UK Increase 50%

British Anti-Semitism rises to record levels

Anti-Semitism in US Spikes after Nearly a Decade of Decline

Germany sees 25.2% rise in anti-Semitic crime in 2014

German students wearing Nazi costumes attack Jews in Argentina

Anti-Semitic incidents reach all-time high in Canada

Anti-Semitism At The 2016 Olympics Is Completely Out Of Control

Israeli’s At 2016 Olympic Games Suffer Shocking Hostility And Taunting By Muslim Athletes

Israeli UN Envoy: Jew-Hatred At ‘Highest Level of Our Lifetimes’

WHY THE WORLD HATES ISRAEL. Revelation 12:13-17, by Andy Woods (You Tube Video)


Why millions of Muslims are seeing apparitions of the Mother Mary

Catholicism and Islam: Ties That Bind, by T. A. McMahon

Pope Francis and Islamic Terrorism

Vatican Recognizes ‘Palestine’ Despite Desecration of Holy Sites

Are Yahweh and Allah the Same God? Part 1 (Radio Interview)

Are Yahweh and Allah the Same God? Part 2 (Radio Interview)

Chrislam? Christian Palestinianism?? By T. A. McMahon

Chrislam – The Blending Together of Islam & Christianity, by Mike Oppenheimer

The Danger of Islam And "Chrislam" (Radio Interview With Elijah Abraham)

Islam, Islamic Terrorism and Chrislam (Radio Interview With Elijah Abraham)


Christian Palestinianism, by Paul Wilkinson (Video)

Christian Palestinianism and the Anti-Israel Church, by Paul Wilkinson (You Tube Video)

Jim Fletcher on Christian Palestinianism (Video)

Exposing Christian Palestinianism (DVD)


From The Hate of Nazism to the Love of Zionism: A German Family's Gospel Transformation (Video)

More on Chrislam

Paul Wilkinson on Search The Scriptures 24/7 - Part 1 (Radio Show)

Paul Wilkinson on Search The Scriptures 24/7 - Part 2 (Radio Show)

Paul Wilkinson on Search The Scriptures 24/7 - Part 3 (Radio Show)

Paul Wilkinson on Search The Scriptures 24/7 - Part 4 (Radio Show)

What Is Christian Palestinianism? with Paul Wilkinson - Part 1 (Radio Show)

What Is Christian Palestinianism? with Paul Wilkinson - Part 2 (Radio Show)

What Is Christian Palestinianism? with Paul Wilkinson - Part 3 (Radio Show)

What Is Christian Palestinianism? with Paul Wilkinson - Part 4 (Radio Show)

What Is Christian Palestinianism? with Paul Wilkinson - Part 5 (Radio Show)

New Christian Zionists Seek Distance From 'Wild, Crazy Popular Apocalypticism'

Understanding Christian Zionism, by Paul Wilkinson - Excerpted from this book.

What is Zionism? Should Christians Support The Existence of The Jewish State of Israel? (Video)

Israel in the Line of Fire - Part 1, by Paul Wilkinson (Video)

Israel in the Line of Fire - Part 2, by Paul Wilkinson (Video)

Israel Betrayed - Part 1, by Paul Wilkinson (Video)

Israel Betrayed - Part 2, by Paul Wilkinson (Video)

Why the Resurgence of Anti-Semitism? Part 1, by T.A. McMahon and Randal Price (Radio Show)

Why the Resurgence of Anti-Semitism? Part 2, by T.A. McMahon and Randal Price (Radio Show)

Anti-Israel Radicals, Evangelical Style

Prophets Who Prophesy Lies In My Name: Christian Palestinianism and the anti-israel Crusade, by Paul Wilkinson

"Zionism Unsettled" guide removed from Presbyterian website


Is The Church The New Israel? Part 1, by Andy Woods (You Tube video)

Is The Church The New Israel? Part 2 by Andy Woods (You Tube video)

God of Jacob, God of Israel (Part 1), by Dave Hunt

God of Jacob, God of Israel (Part 2), by Dave Hunt

God's Not Done With The Jewish People, by Gary Kah

The Ongoing Fulfillment of God’s Promise to Israel! By Jeff Wallace

I Will Build My Church, by Dave Hunt (Audio newsletter)

Berean Call Page On Islam

Berean Call Page On Israel

Mike Oppenheimer's Page On Islam

Judgment Day (CD)

Lest We Forget (DVD)

In Defense of Israel (DVD) - Click here to preview.

The New Barbarians: Training Children To Kill (DVD) - Click here to download.

The Child Soldiers of Jihad

The Last Days, Islam & Israel - Conflict of the Ages (DVD) - Click here to preview.

Islam and Prophecy (DVD)

Israel, Islam and the Vatican (DVD)

A Women Rides The Beast: The Roman Catholic Church And The Last Days

When Will Jesus Come?

Countdown To The Second Coming

Megiddo 1 & 2: The March To Armageddon And The New Age

Prophecy as Proof, by Dave Hunt (4 CD's) - Also available on MP3 disc.

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