My E-mail to Dave Hunt

The following is an e-mail that I wrote to Dave Hunt about a couple of articles that he wrote. The links on this page were added only for this post on my site. Here is the email....

Dear Mr. Hunt, I just read your April 25 update in which you addressed the 'Fire of Hell' controversy, and I wanted to let you know that I completely agree with you.

After reading your April 2008 Newsletter, I thought "this article ought to clear up any confusion that people have regarding the flames in the lake of fire".

That newsletter was expressed so clearly that I found it hard to fathom how people could still misunderstand what you are explaining. I was surprised to hear that people are still not getting it after reading that article.

Sadly, many people have heard the Bible taught wrong for so long that they no longer grasp what it is saying regarding the penalty for sin, and that seems to be the main reason that people are just not getting this. It is so easy for us to follow along with the flock without really thinking for ourselves. I know that it is, because I have been there myself.