Important note: Although these links are good resources, I would like to remind everyone that none of us have been perfected yet, which means that even good teachers can make mistakes sometimes. That said, I would like to encourage everyone to test everything on these sites using the discernment of God's Word. On this page you will find links that I have found helpful, and links that I hope others will find helpful...But that does not mean that I agree with every single sentence on every one of these sites. So, as you use these links for helpful information, I encourage you to be like the people of Berea in Acts 17:10-11, who "received the Word with all readiness of mind and searched the Scriptures daily to see whether those things were so". I also encourage people to do the same thing with anything that I write as well, because God's word is our ultimate authority.


Living Scriptures Devotionals
My moms blog.

Berean Lamp Ministries
This is my churches website.

Messages By William MacDonald
This guy died on December 25, 2007. I think that God gave him some great insights.

Living in Christ Ministries
Bob Hoekstra. This guy has an excellent understanding of God's grace.

My Utmost for His Highest
Oswald Chambers

Abide In Christ
Andrew Murray

Absolute Surrender
Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

H.A. Ironside

Broken But Not Crushed
This is a ministry by Dana Malchow, who was heavily involved in Caryl Matrisciana’s Wide is The Gate" DVD series.


The Berean Call
Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon's site. God has greatly used this ministry to help me grow in grace. I highly recommend it! You can hear their most recent radio shows through this link, and you can find their You Tube channel through this link.

The Alliance for Biblical Integrity
David James' site.

Congdon Ministries International
Robert Congdon's site.

Life Assurance Ministries
This is the ministry of Dale Ratzlaf, a former Seventh Day Adventist pastor. You can find some more ministries by former SDA's on his links page, and you can click here for more articles on this subject by Mike Oppenheimer. You can also hear Dale Ratzlaf being interviewed about SDA beliefs through the following two links: Part 1 - Part 2. Here are two more interviews where he answers the following question: Are Seventh-day Adventists Christians? Part 1 - Part 2.

This ministry addresses messages in certain video games, among other things. The people in this ministry are gamers themselves, so they are not the type of people who just hate all video games without knowing anything about them. You can hear one of them (Carl Kerby Jr.) being interviewed through the following two links: Part 1 - Part 2. You can also watch a two of his presentations from the 2014 Berean Call conference through these next two links: Why Are We Losing Our Younger Generation and Game Over - It's Not Just a Game.

From The New Age To Amazing Grace
This site has articles and books by former new ager Warren Smith.

Christian Answers For The New Age
This is the site of Marcia Montenegro. She is a former new ager and a former professional astrologer. You can click here to hear her testimony on You Tube. I also recommend her Facebook page since she makes a lot of posts there that are not on her site.

Lighthouse Trails Research Project
Exposing the dangers of "the new spirituality". Also check out their blog and their You Tube channel.

Let Us Reason Ministries
Mike Oppenheimer's site. He is another former new ager. You can click here to read his testimony.

PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries
This is the ministry of Martin & Deidre Bobgan, and they are now offering some free e-books.

Reasons For Hope
Carl Kerby's site. Click here to see one of his presentations at a conference from 2011. You can also watch his presentation from a 2014 conference through this link.


My You Tube playlists

Blue (Blue Beats Green)
The guy who made this documentary had his You Tube channel shut down twice for uploading it there, but it has now been uploaded by another You Tuber. It probably won't be on You Tube for long, so check it out while you can. Freedom of speech is increasingly being eroded by those who apparently have no defense but to censor anyone who disagrees with them.

Kjos Ministries
This is the ministry of Berit Kjos. This site has lots of articles pertaining to the coming New World Order which was prophesied in the Bible. It's a site that I check for updates almost daily.

Prophets Who Prophesy Lies In My Name - free booklet!
This downloadable booklet is by Paul Wilkinson. Click here to see a presentation by him from the 2011 Berean Call conference. You can also see 3 of his presentations from the 2014 Berean Call conference through these next links: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3. And here are 3 of his presentations from the 2015 Berean Call conference: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3.

The Atheist Delusion
This is a documentary that you can watch online. Click here for a short related video.

Evolution vs. God
This is a documentary that you can watch online. Here is a related article and video.

This is another documentary that you can watch online.

180 Movie
This is another documentary that you can watch online. Click here for a related article.

This is Ray Comfort's first scripted film. Click here for a related article.

Amy Shreve
This is the website of my favorite singer. You can click here to listen to some of her songs on You Tube.

Foxes Book of Martyrs

Eternal Productions

101 Scientific Facts & Foreknowledge

Ixquick Search Engine
This is a search engine which protects your privacy.


Andy Woods Ministries

Mark Hitchcock's blog

Understand The Times
Roger Oakland's site.

101 Last Days Prophecies

World of The Bible Ministries
Randall Price's site.

Pre-trib Perspectives
Thomas Ice

Pre-Trib Research Center

Left Behind or Led Astray? - Exposed, by Paul Wilkinson (PDF)
You can also click here to see a video with Paul Wilkinson responding to the "Left Behind or Led Astray" documentary, and you can find a related article through this link.

Defending The Pre-Trib Rapture, by Todd Strandberg

Forcing Change
Carl Teichrib, making sense of our changing world. Also check out his You Tube channel.

Zola Levitt Ministries


Audio Bible online

Easton's Bible Dictionary



Blue Lives Matter
Police news. This one is important because of the current war on the police. Here are a couple of articles on that subject by Thomas Sowell: Part 1 - Part 2.

Christian Friends of Israel

Jihad Watch

Hamas On Campus

Front Page Mag



The Starting Point Project

Creation Moments

Creation Ministries International

Institue For Creation Research

The Evolution of a Creationist
You can find a free e-book on this site

God of Wonders (Video documentary)