My Music Page
My Music Page

Last updated on November 21, 2014

Click here for my Christmas music playlist.

On this page you will find music playlists that I have put together on You Tube. Some of these videos may not be perfect, but I recommend them for the music. The main purpose of this page is to encourage and edify.

Amy Shreve Playlist
This is my favorite singer, and I highly recommend all of her albums. You can click here for her website.

Keith Green Playlist

Adie Camp Playlist
Adie Camp was the singer for a band called The Benjamen Gate. She is now married to Jeremy Camp.

Twila Paris Playlist

Steve Camp Playlist

Casting Crowns Playlist

Crystal Lewis Playlist
Her song titled "Beauty For Ashes" helped me come up with the name for this site back in 2002.

More Great Christian Songs

I also want to recommend this 3 CD set called 100 Instrumental Hymns. I ordered this one to help me get to sleep at night.