In Defense of The Faith
In Defense of The Faith

"Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints." (Jude 1:3).

"sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear" (1 Peter 3:15).

The following links will play a series of radio shows based on Dave Hunt's book titled In Defense of The Faith. These radio broadcast links were taken from The Berean Call.

Is Evolution Science or Religion?

Do You Really Believe or do You Just Have Faith?

Do We Need Reasons for Our Beliefs?

What to do About Those Nagging Doubts?

Proving the Existence of God

Why Can't Christians Honor Other Religions?

Is Allah the Same as Yahweh?

Does God Want Us to Worship His Creation?

Does Mother Nature Have Morals?

Why Doesn't God Just Prove He Exists?

Is Jesus Half God and Half Man?

How Reliable is the Bible?

Is the Bible the Only Holy Scripture?

When Was the New Testament Written?

To Find the True Faith, Do You Have to Study Them All?

Has Science Proven the Bible Wrong?

Is Today's Bible the Same as the Original?

What is the Purpose of Prophecy?

Can You Make the Bible Say Whatever You Want?

Does the Bible Have to be Infallible?

Do the Gospels Agree on Jesus' Birthday?

Reconciling 'Flaws' in the Bible

How Many Times Did the Cock Really Crow?

Is the Bible Mostly Allegory?

How Many Angels Were at the Tomb?

Could God Actually Repent?

Did Jesus Choose Judas for Betrayal?

Is Your Faith As A Grain of Mustard Seed?

Should We Be Celebrating 'Good Thursday?'

Is the Bible Written for Everyone?

If Jesus Was Innocent, How Could God Be Just?

Why Didn't the Gospel Writers Get Their Stories Straight?

Did Solomon Have the Wisdom of God?

Should We Admire Solomon or Shun Him?

How Could Almighty God Love Puny Creatures Like Us?

What Was Jephthah's Sacrifice?

Did Jesus Ride on a Donkey, or the Foal of a Donkey?

If Christians Are Intolerant of Others, How Can There Ever Be Peace?

Was Ananias the High Priest or Not?

How Do We Know the Bible is All of God's Word?

Is the New Testament Historically Accurate?

How Could There be Light on the First Day Without the Sun?

How To Get What You Pray For

Why Are So Few Prayers Answered?

If God Already Knows Our Prayers...What's The Purpose?

Will Praying in the Name of Jesus Get You What You Want?

What Could Be Wrong With a National Prayer Breakfast?

Does Our Relationship With God Affect Our Prayers?

When Jesus Prayed, Was He Praying to Himself?

What is The Prayer of Faith?

Do Catholics Pray to Mary Or Not?

Who Has the Keys to Heaven?

Are Angels and Demons Reality or Myth?

If We're All Less Than God, Are We All Evil?

Is Evil a Reality or a Myth?

Is There Proof the Devil Exists?

Was There Really a Talking Serpent?

Why Would God Create Satan?

Is Satan As Powerful As God?

How Can Satan Appear Before God?

Who Sinned First, Adam or Eve?

Have You Bound Your Hometown Spirits?

Does the Bible Teach Spiritual Mapping?

What did Paul Mean by 'Spiritual Warfare?'

Is It Fair for God to Send Us Delusion?

Should All Good Christians Feel Guilty?

Why Did God Create Billions He Knew Would Go To Hell?

If God Doesn't Want Us to Suffer, Why do We?

What is the Purpose of Eternal Punishment?

Why Does God Allow so Much Evil in His Name?

Why Would a Loving God Tell Israel to Wipe Out Her Enemies?

Will the Church Have to Face the Antichrist?

Is Belief in the Rapture Just Deluded Escapism?

Shouldn't the Church Have to Face the Antichrist?

Will the Day of the Lord be 24 Hours?

Will Jesus return to the Mount of Olives?

What is the value of Eschatology?

Will Christians Have to Fight the Antichrist's Army?

Is the Church Headed for a Big Revival?

Is the Rapture Mentioned in the Olivet Discourse?

Does the Bible Teach Soul-sleep?

Is Jesus a False Prophet?

Should Christians be Preparing the World for Christ's Return?

Is Christianity the Only True Religion?

Is Any Religion Okay As Long As It's Sincere?

Did Jesus Have to be Born of a Virgin?

What Does It Mean To Be Saved?

What Must We do to be Saved?

Is the Gospel Written in the Stars?

Are Roman Catholics Saved?

Has God Already Chosen Who's Going to Heaven?

Did Satan Torture Jesus in Hell?

Must You Be Baptized to be Saved?

Shouldn't Christians Always Feel Like Christians?

Is There Really Such A Place As Purgatory?

Do We Get A Second Chance After We Die?

Did Jesus Die Spiritually on the Cross?

When We Die, Do We Immediately Go Into God's Presence?

Is The Apostle's Creed Credible?

Do We Have to Work for Our Salvation?

That radio series is also available on an MP3 disc, which is currently being offered for free with the purchase of the book as I write this. Click the link to the book to see if the MP3 disc is still being offered with it. If it is still being offered for free with the book, it will say so toward the bottom of the book description after you click the link to the book.

You can also click here for more of The Berean Call's radio shows.

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Evolution a Replacement Religion?

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