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Written on January 23, 2008

God has used some Christian movies in my life, including End Of The Harvest, which is my personal favorite. At the same time however, I have found that an addiction to amusement has stifled serious and deeper thinking at times in my life, crowding out thoughts pertaining to the things which are eternal.

In fact, the very term amusement indicates a lack of musing (i.e., thinking), and I believe that this could very well be at least one of the reasons that there is such a contempt for sound doctrine today (2 Timothy 4:3-4). It seems that even many Christians are too busy entertaining themselves to really think deeply about God and His word. Not too many people are really thinking for themselves, but most are simply following the flock, so that the latest fad in the the professing church is accepted without question.

Perhaps this is at least one of the reasons that many fail to see the clear contradictions in The Purpose Driven Life for example. In many cases, people seem to go along with things because they are so accepted by much of the professing church - not because they are biblical. But we sometimes accept them as biblical simply because so many other people accept them as biblical. I personally believe that even some who realize that there is an apostasy today do not grasp how much apostasy there truly is. I believe that it is far worse than even many watchman realize.

One of the main points that I want to make here is that amusement stifles musing, and in some cases, God's word is even being trivialized through at least some of Christian entertainment, so that people are not thinking as seriously about His word as they could be. That is not saying that God cannot still use entertainment for good, but it is still something to consider nevertheless.

While I believe that entertainment has it's place, I also believe that it has become a problem in my own life when it distracts me from that which is eternal, and that is one of the reasons that I am writing this. I believe that there are even times when I have mistaken the temporal joy of amusement for the eternal joy of the Lord. Sometimes what I thought was the joy of the Lord was merely a temporary emotional experience, but not a rational thinking experience.

For more info on the subject of entertainment in the church, I recommend a book by T. A. McMahon titled Showtime For The Sheep? The Lord has used that book to confirm some convictions which I already had (yet which I have tried to ignore) to be true. It is an eye-opener which addresses several key trends. The link I just posted will lead you to an article with excerpts from the book. There is a link to the book at the top of that article.

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