My Music Page
My Music Page

Last updated on November 21, 2014

On this page you will find music playlists that I have put together on You Tube. Some of these videos may not be perfect, but I recommend them for the music. The main purpose of this page is to encourage and edify. Click here for my Christmas music playlist, but I have that one set to private when it is not the Christmas season. I set it to public every year towards the end of November.

Amy Shreve Playlist
This is my favorite singer, and I highly recommend all of her albums. You can click here for her website.

Keith Green Playlist

Adrienne Camp Playlist
Adrienne Camp was the singer for a band called The Benjamen Gate. She is now married to Jeremy Camp.

Twila Paris Playlist

Steve Camp Playlist

Casting Crowns Playlist

More Great Christian Songs

I also want to recommend this 3 CD set called 100 Instrumental Hymns. I ordered this one to help me get to sleep at night.