Occult Invasion Radio Series
Occult Invasion Radio Series

The following is a series of radio shows based on Dave Hunt's book titled Occult Invasion. You can click that link to read about it, and you can click here to read the first chapter of it. These radio broadcast links were taken from The Berean Call.

The Occult Invasion

Is The Dalai Lama Really God?

Is Evolution Demonic?

Can You Believe In The Bible And Evolution?

Should Christians Use Divining Rods?

Is Satan's Power Natural or Supernatural?

What About Native And Nature Religions?

Surfing The Spiritual Internet

Prescriptions For Perdition

Is Holistic Medicine Holy?

What Is The Whole Truth Of Holistic Medicine?

Can 12 Steps Be a Mis-step?

Treading Scripturally Through 12-Step Methods

The Seduction Of Our Youth

Drugs and Johnny's Behavior

Video Games From The Pit

Learning Cultic Techniques in Sunday School

Buffing Up Your Spirit Exercises

Are You a God Wannabee?

UFOs and Apparitions

More on UFOs and Apparitions

More on Aliens, Demons and Apparitions

Are Those Apparitions Really The Virgin Mary?

Looking For That Point Of Contact

Harvesting Seed-faith Offerings

Can Psychology Be Christian?

Healing The Inner Child

The Inner Secrets of Inner Healing

The Inroads Of Spiritual Mapping

Getting Rid Of Those Annoying Generational Curses

A Preview Of The Coming World Religion

That radio series is also available to order on CD or MP3 Disc. You can also click here for more of The Berean Call's radio shows. Here are three articles which contain excerpts from Occult Invasion:

The Shamanic Connection

OCCULT INVASION - Spiritual Deception of the World & Church

The Coming New World Religion

And here are some more links with some info about occultism that has been seducing the world and the church....

Occult Invasion of the Church, by Dave Hunt (You Tube video)

Deception in the Church - Where is it taking us? By Dave Hunt (You Tube video)

The Occulting of Culture (and the Church)

Radio Shows on Psychology

Psychoheresy - Playlist on You Tube

Are We Becoming A Drug Culture? (You Tube video)

An Introduction to Demons Through Drugs (You Tube video)

Contacting Spirit Entities: Who Are They, and What Do They Want? (You Tube video)

Are Some Dancing With Demons? (You Tube video)

New UC Berkeley Center Will Train ‘Psychedelic Guides’ in Use of Magic Mushrooms

Withcraft For Fun And Profit

Yoga And The Body Of Christ: What Position Should Christians Hold? (Book and radio series)

Messages From Heaven (DVD) - Click here for the You Tube version.

Queen Of All: The Marian Apparitions plan to unite all religions Under the Roman Catholic Church (book)
Click here to read this one online for free.

UFO's: Fact or Fiction?

UFO's And The Occult Connection, by Ron Rhodes

The Coming Global Transformation
Available to purchase on MP3 disc and CD.

Why millions of Muslims are seeing apparitions of the Mother Mary

More Resources on Catholicism

Pope Francis and the Future of Charismatic Christianity

Perry and Fred Stone recall a visit by the ghost of Al Collins (You Tube Video)

Dead Men Talking - Necromancy in Today’s Church

Ex Professional Astrologer now warns against Astrology - Marcia Montenegro (You Tube video)

Four Temperaments, Astrology & Personality Testing (Free e-book)

All Occult - No Benefit

The Signs And Wonders Movement Exposed (Videos)

Wiles of The Devil, by Roger Oakland (You Tube Video)

Leading Psychiatrist: Demonic Possession Is Real and Possibly on the Rise

Founder of Black Lives Matter Admits Occultism At Center of BLM (You Tube video)

Occult Groups in Nigeria Kidnap Christians

Seducing Spirits and Doctrines Of Devils - Dave Hunt (You Tube video)

Psychology and the Doctrines of Devils, by T.A. McMahon

Is the God of Hinduism Blessing America? (You Tube video)

Earning a Psychological Degree in Witch doctoring (You Tube video)

University degrees in Occultism

HYPNOSIS: Medical, Scientific, or Occultic? (Free e-book)

12 Steps To Destruction: Codependency/Recovery Heresies (Free e-book)

Seances, Spirits, and 12 Steps

How Heretics Shaped Alcoholics Anonymous

Give Me That Old Time, 12 Step, New Age Religion

The Sorcerer's New Medicine, by Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon


Furthering the Psychological Delusion: The Consciousness Revolution - Part 1, by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon - Click here for the audio version on You Tube.

Furthering the Psychological Delusion: The Consciousness Revolution - Part 2, by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon - Click here for the audio version on You Tube.

America: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice, by Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon (Book)
Previously titled The New Spirituality. Click the last 4 links posted above this one for some excerpts from this book.

Native Spirituality “Renewal” Emerges, by Nanci Des Gerlaise - Excerpted from this book.

Cutting-Edge Christianity or Shamanism? By David Dombrowski

Chief Shoefoot - "I'll Never Go Back" (You Tube Video)

What's New With The New Age? T.A. McMahon and Warren Smith - Part 1 (Radio Show)

What's New With The New Age? T.A. McMahon and Warren Smith - Part 2 (Radio Show)

Sorcery: Ushering in a “Blissful” Christless Eternity, by T.A. McMahon

Masonic America: Occult Subversion of Church & Nation, by John Ankerberg & John Weldon

“Mysteries” in the Church: Occult Subversion of Church & Nation, by Albert James Dager

The Occult New Age, Freemasonry & Transhumanism, by Carl Teichrib (You Tube Video)

The New Age Movement

The Seduction Of Christianity

The Greening of The Cross, by Dave Hunt

Bridging Faith and Earth

Evangelical Mysticism? By T.A. McMahon

How Mysticism And The Occult Are Changing The Church

Hello Dalai, by T.A. McMahon

Bible Prophecy

Popular Books That Introduce Children to the Occult and 5 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Kids, by Berit Kjos

Warning to Parents—Cartoon Network, Lego Movies etc. Introduce Children to the Occult

Sorting Through The Confused Theology of Star Wars

McDonald's is... Your Happy Occult Place

Revival of Evil (Documentary on You Tube)

Resources On The Secret

Resources On Harry Potter

The Berean Call's Resources On Occultism

More Resources On Occultism - Kjos Ministries