Seeking And Finding God
Seeking And Finding God

The following is a series of radio shows about Dave Hunt's book titled Seeking And Finding God, which is also available as an audio book that can be ordered on CD or MP3 disc. Some of the material for this book is derived from An Urgent Call To a Serious Faith. These radio broadcast links were all taken from The Berean Call.

How and Where Do We Find God?

Is Death Natural?

Was The Universe Created From Nothing?

Are We Alone In the Universe?

Are You Religious Or Spiritual?

Is There Really Such A Thing As Karma?

Do You Have A Religious Preference?

Should Christians Be More Open-Minded?

Is Christianity Just Another Religion?

How Does Prayer Really Work?

Does God Hear All Prayers?

Is There Only One Way To God?

Are All Religions Just Superstitions?

How Could Jesus Save Us From God's Wrath?

What Exactly Is The Gospel?

Can We Work Our Way To Heaven?

What Does It Mean To Be A Disciple?

After that series of radio shows was aired back in 2004, Dave Hunt has expanded this book, and he has also started a new series of radio shows (in 2008) which is based on this book. Here are the links to the shows from the newer series....

Why Do Humans Need God?

The Necessity of Certainty

Is Man Eternal?

Is There Life After Death?

Do We Get Another Chance At Life?

Are You Prepared For Eternity?

Do You Have An Impeccably Rational Basis For Your Faith?

Is Tolerance Today's Supreme Virtue?

Why Is Christianity So Intolerant?

Can The Bible's Claims Be Substantiated?

Why Is Prophecy A 'More Sure Word?'

Is Faith Found Only In Foxholes?

What Is The Law of Miracles?

Does God Answer Everyone's Prayers?

Has Your Love Been Put To The Test?

What Is Satan's Greatest Ploy?

How Could One Man Bring Death to Everyone?

Why Must We Obey God?

What Must We Do To Be Saved?

That concludes the 2008 radio series based on the book Seeking And Finding God. That radio series is also available on DVD.

You can find more of The Berean Call's radio shows through this link.

Here are two more radio segments that I want to recommend, just because I think they are fitting for this page:

Is Evangelism a Hate Crime?

Biblically...Or Politically Correct?

An Excerpt From Seeking And Finding God

What Is The Gospel? By H.A. Ironside

The Gospelís Three Elements, by Dave Hunt

The Nonnegotiable Gospel, by Dave Hunt

Gospel by Revelation

Here's How the Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel

Truth vs. Uncertainty

ďA Higher Power by Whatever NameĒ? By Dave Hunt

The Intolerance of Tolerance, by Don Carson, (You Tube Video)

The irony of the new tolerance

When Tolerance is a One Way Street, by David Fiorazo

The Intolerance of The Tolerant

"Paul Disputed..." Acts 17:17, etc. By Dave Hunt

Cosmos, Creator And Human Destiny

In Defense of the Faith

The Non-Physical Mind (This is one of my articles)

Is Faith In God Rational? (This is one of my articles)

Philosophy vs. Christ (One of my articles)

The Works-Salvation Delusion, by T.A. McMahon

The Gift of God (one of my articles)

The Gift of God - Part 2 (one of my articles)

Are You Spiritual But Not Religious? (one of my articles)

The Gospel Test: Do Your People Really Know the Good News?

The Good Test (Video)