Resources On <i>The Shack</i>
Resources On The Shack

Last updated on December 29, 2021

On this page you will find some helpful resources that I have gathered together about the popular book called The Shack (and the movie)....

The Shack and It's New Age Leaven, by Warren Smith

The Shack and a New Age View of the Trinity, by Mike Oppenheimer

What's At The Back of The Shack? A Look At William, P. Young's The Shack, by Marcia Montenegro

Refashioning God, by T.A. McMahon

Excerpts of a review by James B. De Young, Western Theological Seminary

The Shack Author Says: "The God of Evangelical Christianity is a Monster."

Should 'The Shack' Be Attacked? By Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon (Podcast) - Click here for the video.

The Shack "Bible Project" [Excerpts]

The Shack Author Rejects Biblical Substitutionary Atonement, by John Lanagan

The Shack’s Author William Paul Young on Substitutionary Atonement

In Case You Still Aren’t Sure About The Shack and It's Author . . .

Before Watching The Shack Movie, Read This – The “Inspiration” Behind the Movie and Eugene Peterson’s Connection

Upcoming Shack movie could outweigh harm of the original novel

Fractal Theory in The Shack ( “I love fractals, so I put them everywhere.”)

Podcast: Marcia Montenegro Talks with Steve Kozar About The Shack

Should I listen to haters who hate The Shack? By Amy Spreeman

Examining 'The Shack' - Pastor Chris Quintana (You Tube video)

Putting God in a Shack, by Gary E. Gilley (PDF file)

When People Say, “But The Shack is Just a Novel!” By Warren Smith

Staying Outside The Shack, by Roger Patterson

Apostasy & Lies: Will Fans of ‘The Shack’ Care? (Podcast)


Why Are Christians Flocking to The Shack? Part 1, with T.A. McMahon and David James (Podcast)

Why Are Christians Flocking to The Shack? Part 2, with T.A. McMahon and David James (Podcast)

Artist ‘Deeply Regrets’ Designing ‘Shack’ Cover, Says A Loving God Must “Judge”, by Will Maule

Universalistic Shack Therapy: Wm. Paul Young, Kahlil Gibran, and “The Great Sadness”, by Warren B. Smith

SHACK THEOLOGY: Universalism, TBN, Oprah, and the New Age, by Warren B. Smith

Mother Goddess of The Shack and AA’s “higher power”

Warren B Smith - The Shack and Its New Age Leaven (You Tube Video)

Another Shack Betrayal: A Cat Named Judas

The Berean Call's Resources on The Shack

More Resources on The Shack - Lighthouse Trails

Former new ager Warren B. Smith has also addressed The Shack in one part of his book titled A "Wonderful" Deception.

What Is Quantum Spirituality? Part 1, by T.A. McMahon and Larry DeBruyn (Podcast)

What Is Quantum Spirituality? Part 2, by T.A. McMahon and Larry DeBruyn (Podcast)

The New Age Movement

Warren Smith - Shack, Message & Purpose Driven (You Tube Video)

Problems With The Message (One of my articles)

The Universal[ism] Drift, by T.A. McMahon

"Shack” Author Paul Young States in Just-Released Book—Christ Is “In” Every Single Human Being, by Warren Smith

“Truths We Believe about God” – A Theological Review of “Shack” Author’s New Book, “Lies We Believe About God”, by Larry DeBruyn

Wm. Paul Young Teaches New Age “Lie of Separation” on TBN, by Warren Smith

The Shack author: Now Jesus is pregnant with Adam in Paul Young’s book Eve

The Shack author brings new “Reformation” to the church

Did The Shack Writer Write This?

Exposing the Quantum Lie, by Bob DeWaay and Warren Smith (4 DVD set) - Click here to preview.

WIDE IS THE GATE - The Emerging New Christianity, Volume 1 (DVD)

WIDE IS THE GATE: The Emerging New Christianity, Volume 2 (DVD)

WIDE IS THE GATE: The Emerging New Christianity, Volume 3 (2 DVD's)

2013 Wide Is The Gate Conference (MP3's)