Did Jesus Die For Us Because We Are Worth It?

Did Jesus Die For Us Because We Are Worth It?

Written on August 30, 2015

It doesn't seem to compute with many sincere Christians that Jesus could die for those who are unworthy, but that is the impression I get throughout the Bible. Did the apostle Paul believe that He was "worth it" when He called Himself the chief of sinners (1 Timothy 1:15) and "less than the least of all the saints" (Ephesians 3:8)? And if the apostle Paul did not believe He was worth it, what makes us think we are any more worth it than He was? It also doesn't seem to compute with many people that my reason for writing articles like this is to point people to God's glory. When I look back on who I was before coming to Christ, I honestly consider myself to have been a horrible, vile person in so many ways. I did not see it that way until the glory of God was revealed to me, thereby revealing my so called glory as vain. I do not believe that Christ died for me because I was worth it, but because He loved me in spite of how unworthy I was. If you think about that carefully, you should see that it does not diminish the glory of God, but it makes His love shine all the brighter. If He loved me because I was worth it, that would only give me a fear that His love for me could change if I became unworthy of it after a while. It would make me feel like I have to keep living up to the worth that He died for. But the fact that He loved me in spite of how unworthy I am is proof to me that He has a love that is rarely understood in our day, and that gives me far more gratitude for Him than it would if I was to believe I was worth it.

In case anyone is still in doubt that Christ could die for the worthless, I will point out that the Bible itself describes what it calls a "worthless person" in Proverbs 6:12. Christ must have died for those whom that verse described since He died for the sins of the whole world (See 1 John 2:2). The more unworthy we realize we are, the more love we will have for God and others. When I think about that, it often brings me to remember the words of Luke 7:40-47, and how those who are forgiven much also love much. I have written this article because I have grown increasingly concerned about much of the church putting so much emphasis on how wonderful we supposedly are that there is hardly any focus on God's glory anymore. I can't help but cringe whenever I see this happening, because I love the Lord who died for me in spite of the fact that I was not worth it. I am certain that our songs in heaven will be about God's worth, not ours! His love for the unlovable is rarely understood these days, but it is the same love that He expects of us (See Matthew 5:44-46).

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